UNICON believes in returning to the community and the development and growth of our young adults and professionals. Under this belief, UNICON put in place a scholarship program to offer financial aid to people in need for the pursuit of a higher education or degree.
For College Students:
Degree Sought Scholarship Frequency Award Amount Scholarship Number Major Requirement GPA Requirement
Bachelor's or above One-time Award $1,500 2 Computer Science or Engineering related field 3.2+

For High School Students:
Years in School Scholarship Frequency Award Amount Scholarship Number GPA Requirement
High School Junior or Senior One-time Award $500 3 3.2+

(Note: UNICON reserves the right to change, amend or terminate the scholarship program in part or in full at its sole discretion with or without advance notice)



Listed below please find the current UNICON scholarship application timeline:

March 1st
  • Start accepting scholarship applications. All application must be made through the UNICON official website www.unicon-intl.com.
May 1st
  • Deadline for application. Eligible applicant must submit the required information and documents through UNICON’s official website.
June 1st
  • Scholarship recipients selected by the UNICON Scholarship Committee.


The following documents are required to complete the application for the UNICON scholarship. UNICON reserves the right to reject any applications which do not meet any of the eligibility and/or documentation requirements.

Note: On-line application to be opened on March 1st.