Project Services
This is the service model that UNICON’s service team will take full ownership of delivering the finished projects  to our clients. We pride ourselves in achieving a track record of 100% success rate on our project services.
We are committed to completing project work for our clients with high quality, within the budget and timeframe which meet our clients’ business needs and objectives.
UNICON will assign a program/project manager to oversee our service team and work closely with our clients for risk mitigation, project planning, implementation and delivery.
We apply client-specific project management methodologies and quality control processes to ensure that our services are provided in full compliance with our clients’ project development model.
We communicate the status of our project work in an open and timely manner with our clients so that no surprises of any kind will occur.
Staffing Services
This service model offers our clients the timely availability of skilled technical expertise or resources under flexible terms to best meet their diverse project needs. Our clients will have full visibility over the progress and contribution of UNICON’s technical associates on a daily basis.
We strive to understand our client’s needs in detail so that we can provide a consultant who best matches these needs, in terms of experience, technical expertise, and soft skills.
Our extensive proprietary database and search engines allow rapid access to thousands of proven IT professionals.
We perform technical screening of all candidates and verify references to ensure an accurate fit for the staffing position requested by our client.
We possess a proven track record of success in the staffing solution services as evidenced by the recognitions and awards we have received.
Managed Services
Under the Managed Services model, UNICON will act as the sole or primary service provider through a well-defined service agreement, the client passes overall program control to UNICON.
UNICON offers managed services to enable our clients to better focus on their core businesses and achieve greater savings on program/project implementation as well as supplier management costs.
Client is relieved from the operational details of administering the program and allows them to focus on more strategic business objectives.
We have successfully partnered with our clients in completing various programs ranging from general IT supplier or subcontractor management, to IT infrastructure and network support as well as Telecom product deployment and field engineering.
Consulting Services
Our consulting service model offers our clients assistance on an as needed basis with a focus in the area of defining and developing overall IT strategies, implementation plans and support structures.
UNICON can help guide a development organization through a transition to an Agile methodology. UNICON consultants have experience helping organizations both large and small take the necessary cultural, technical, and logistical steps in moving to Agile.
UNICON provide access of the broad and deep experience of senior consultants, which may not currently exist on our client’s staff.
UNICON can provide an independent assessment of the existing infrastructure, strategic plan and roadmap to achieve the plan, providing additional documentation wherever necessary.