UNICON believes in returning to the community and the development and growth of our young adults and professionals. Under this belief, UNICON put in place a scholarship program to offer financial aid to people in need for the pursuit of a higher education or degree.
For College Students:
Degree Sought Scholarship Frequency Award Amount Scholarship Number Major Requirement GPA Requirement
Bachelor's or above One-time Award $1,500 2 Computer Science or Engineering related field 3.2+
For High School Students:
Years in School Scholarship Frequency Award Amount Scholarship Number GPA Requirement
High School Junior or Senior One-time Award $500 3 3.2+
(Note: UNICON reserves the right to change, amend or terminate the scholarship program in part or in full at its sole discretion with or without advance notice)


  • Applicant must be nominated by one of the following people:
    • Any UNICON employee. A UNICON employee can nominate any qualified candidate including himself/herself or his/her family members (limited to two nominations per employee).
    • Any UNICON client’s employee. An employee of any of UNICON’s clients can nominate a qualified candidate excluding himself/herself and his/her immediate family members (limited to two nominations per person).
  • Applicant must meet any degree and GPA requirement as set forth by UNICON Scholarship Committee.
  • UNICON has the right to reject any application which does not comply with our eligibility criteria.


Listed below please find the current UNICON scholarship application timeline:
March 1st
  • Start accepting scholarship applications. All application must be made through the UNICON official website www.unicon-intl.com.
May 15th
  • Deadline for application. Eligible applicant must submit the required information and documents through UNICON’s official website.
June 15th
  • Scholarship recipients selected by the UNICON Scholarship Committee.


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