UNICON has partnered with Resco.net Inc. to build a mobile inspection app for the Maricopa County Air Quality Department. UNICON will be leveraging Resco’s mobile inspection platform to integrate seamlessly with UNICON’s IMPACT air quality data management system to facilitate on-site inspections for regulated locations such as gas stations, vehicle refinishing shops, and dust generating development sites.  As part of this endeavor, the app will provide inspectors with an intelligent questionnaire that guides them through a prescribed set of steps, with the ability to add photos and notes during the process. After the inspection, IMPACT will seamlessly transfer the data from the mobile devices to the IMPACT database; enabling the inspector to use IMPACT to finalize the inspection report and move the inspection activity through IMPACT’s workflow subsystem. The app will support connected and disconnected (i.e., no Wi-Fi, no cellular network) modes and will be compatible with all Android, iOS, and Windows phones, tablets, and devices.